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Tela Cotzocon

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100% cotton, botanical print of coconut, biodegradable.

91 CM x 214 CM 35.82'' X 84.25''


Community: San Juan Cotzocon
Indigenous People: Mixe, Sierra Norte de Oaxaca
Technique: Fabric made on a waist loom, supplementary weft technique, warp threads in Egyptian cotton, ivory color, weft threads in Tibetan silk, ivory color, supplementary weft (brocade, icons or designs) in Thai silk, yellow-guava leaf color; reds and pinks from cochineal, blues from añil. The fabric for the Huipil is divided into three panels with icons such as women, hummingbirds, flowers, and dogs.
This Huipil was rescued from oblivion. In 1930, they stopped weaving it, and since 1997, we have started the recovery of the technique. One characteristic of this technique is the integration of dialogue between indigenous peoples from around the world with Oaxaca, using the thread as a means of connection. It brings together the Asian continent (Thai and Tibetan silk), the African continent, the European continent (Egyptian cotton spun in France), and the skillful hands of the Mixe master from Oaxaca, Mexico, representing the American continent.
Weaver: Irene Encarnación Bartolo



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